Each X Other SS 2016 at PFW

Each X Other SS 2016 at PFW


Each X Other SS 2016 at PFW

This collection hinges on questions of time and the future, with collaborations by artist and poet robert montgomery and cultural editor jefferson hack.

The aesthetic is one of contrast. fluid silk is a counterpart to structured canvas and leather, while exclusively designed paisley sits next to deconstructed utilitarian shapes.

Masculine pieces are given feminine detailing, and nightwear and daywear intertwine in a collection that was born of complementary contrasts. Inspiration pulled from montgomery’s poem “you sleep on the feathers of birds and their flights fill your dreams” can be seen throughout the entire collection, infusing it with a romantic poeticism.

Feather detailing is omnipresent, from feather brocade suiting to delicate feather textures and gently frayed denim.

Hack’s words “hack the system”, “cultural resistance movement” are found across a range of graphic t shirts designed by hack and ferdinando verderi for each x other and based on the best phrases from hack’s monograph “we can’t do this alone, jefferson hack the system”, to be released by rizzoli in april.

Art meets media. romance meets reaction. poetry meets punk.

In this collection, montgomery and hack’s collaborations take different forms but ask the same questions. are clothes becoming a new form of media? are we becoming a new form of media? and how can we use this new state of being?

The Each X Other s/s 2016 collection includes shoes, bags, jewellery, belts, and scarves.