Talbot Runhof SS 2016 at PFW

Talbot Runhof SS 2016 at PFW


Talbot Runhof SS 2016 at PFW

The last swan

While perusing the shelves at Rizzoli, we came across the breathtakingly beautiful tome of Marella Agnelli, „The last Swan“. It was clear in a flash that this would be the subject of this défilé. Her life, her homes, her gardens, her alarmingly impeccable sense of style and grace, not to mention her unusual and exceptional beauty. After further exploration of her fascinating life, we came across the iconic Lingotto Fiat factory with it’s clean lines and curves, industrial elements and modernistic perspectives; adding a new dimension to our inspiration, this avantgarde and influential architectural wonder contributed to making her enviable and unrealistic lifestyle a very real reality.

We wanted to convey a kind of „lived in“ effortless elegance. we imagined her waking up at her home in Portofino, throwing a tunic on top of her husband‘s tuxedo shirt and a random pair of satin slippers, sneaking out the back door through the garden (not to disturb her house guests) to check the hydrangeas before running off to the market to buy porcini and fresh flowers. or sitting on the bow of her yacht enjoying the sunset, sipping a negroni in a flowy printed chiffon pantsuit. or perhaps disembarking from her helicopter for an event in Monte Carlo wearing a guipure fringe gown swirling in the wind…

The silhouettes are long and loose; the colours are discrete; the fabrics are splendid. A silk pekin floor length tunic printed with the lingotto inspired print embroidered with ajour embroidery casually worn with slouchy white crêpe trousers. A gown of gears and cogs printed chiffon, pleated from an entire circle of fabric in colors of nero, blureale, avorio and panna. a hologram sequin knitted tunic with lace ajour intarsia. a panna and nero zigzag scissor taffetas embroidered top trimmed with hand-knotted silk tassels and avorio, panna and nero color block tweed wrap skirt.

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Johnny talbot & Adrian Runhof