Louis Vuitton party at Le Bon Marché

Louis Vuitton party at Le Bon Marché


Louis Vuitton party at Le Bon Marché

In occasione del party per celebrare le vetrine dedicate di Louis Vuitton presso il department store parigino Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, il 29 settembre 2015, sono intervenuti il Direttore Artistico della Collezione Donna Nicolas Ghesquière, Delphine Arnault, Adèle Exarchopoulos e Doona Bae.

As we welcome the autumn season, LE BON MARCHÉ Rive Gauche celebrates the new designs of Nicolas GHESQUIÈRE, LOUIS VUITTON’s Artistic Director of Women’s collection, with a dedicated window display.

Taking inspiration from the Autumn-Winter 2015 show, LOUIS VUITTON has created a digital installation, complete with animations, video performances and lighting.

Under LE BON MARCHÉ’s central glasshouse, this exhibition will merge contemporary designs that have become LOUIS VUITTON icons, with archive trunks. Nicolas GHESQUIÈRE created an assortment of “New Classics” for the many faces of the LOUIS VUITTON woman.

Amid a unique visual and sound display, exclusive reinterpretations of iconic bags designed exclusively for LE BON MARCHÉ Rive Gauche, will be unveiled in store windows from 26th September until 31st October.


Since Nicolas GHESQUIÈRE’S arrival at LOUIS VUITTON, he’s delved deep into LOUIS VUITTON’s archives, drawing inspiration from its rich heritage and creating ”New Classics” with a modern twist.

« VUITTON, it’s an incessant back and forth between the past and the divined future» says Nicolas GHESQUIÈRE.

These alluring and novel creations awaken the Maison’s history and enhance its emblematic codes, establishing them as instant LOUIS VUITTON icons.