Spotlight on Johanna Kallas

Spotlight on Johanna Kallas


Spotlight on Johanna Kallas

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Which was the first picture that someone took of you, the first model job you had,which were the first impression you had you saw it published?

The first pictures anyone took of me were a test shoot to show the agency (my current motheragency) some photos of me. My first modeling job was for Accademia Italiana, they flew me and three ohter girls from Estonia to Florence (Firenze). It was very fun, we had lot of diffrent outfits to wear.  It was my first fashion show.

Which is the first rule you’ve learnt working as a model?

First rule is, do not take everything personally, if the client does not like you, it is his/hers taste, there come ohter clients who may like you ☺.

How do you reconcile your life (studies, friends..) with your work ?

Now that I have finished high school, I took some time off to do modeling. In the future I will want to go and study something in an university, but I do not know what and where. But that does not mean I do not study, I try to study diffrent languages and ohter things too. With friends I speak through Facebook, and if I am back home I will meet with them in person. Also I have made lot of new friends, who do the same thing as I do. I have been lucky one of my friends has always been in the same country doing modeling as I am. With my family I speak everyday through Skype.

What is your relationship with fashion? You have your own style, you like to play with clothes and fashion?

Me I do not know lot about fashion ;-)… I try to  wear and buy the things that I like. And also I try not to spend lot of money on clothes, although I have an expensive taste (but that does not mean that I will buy the expensive stuff that I like).

Your relationship with social, photos, instagram ..? You cannot live without it…or sometimes you prefer to be “off line”?

I have Facebook, Instagram etc, but I do not like posting selfies and that sort of things. Facebook is a very good place to see and get to know what ohter people (friends and family) are doing and how they are doing. But if necessary I could totally live without social Network. The reason why I do not have Internet on my phone is that I do not wanna be always on the phone checking has anybody written to me or posted something.

What are your favorite hobbies ?

I am kind of a nerd. I like reading, that is one of my favorite hobbies. Also I like to rollerskate, but with modeling it is pretty hard to do. I am also into all that spiritual things, esoterics etc. If I get the chance I try to do some yoga. And sometimes I love to bake.

What’s the thing that people doesn’t know about working as a model?

Many people think that working as a model is very glamorous and you make a lot of money. But it is not that, most of the days you are far away from your family and friends and go to castings, which täke up a lot of your time. You go to lot of castings and most of the times you do not get the job. With money is the thing that some girls/guys make it, some girls/guys try their all model life and do not make any money.

The weirdest or funniest thing happened on a set?

There is probably many funny and weird things that have happened on the set, but I have frogotten some of them. One of the last shooting that I did was in a place which is said to be haunted. And when we  were shooting there, we started to hear some weird noices and voices, stuff started to fall on the ground.

What’s the thing you like the most about your job and what you don’t like?

I like the fact that you get to travel and meet new people, also experience diffrent cultures. And if you are able to learn languages you get to learn them too in the enviroment (which is the best place to learn). Also working for diffrent clients is fun and interesting. You get to expand your views and it greats a hole new picture of the world. One of the only things that I do not like is that you are far away from your family and friends and most of the times you do not know when you can go back home.

Modeling is also about waiting, waiting for you make up….how do you spend your “waiting time”?

Usually I spend my time talking to different people or observing their body language. It is very interesting can learn many things about people, just looking at their body language. Also nowadays I try to study italian. Sometimes I try to read too.