Spotlight on Line Bang Kjærgaard

Spotlight on Line Bang Kjærgaard


Spotlight on Line Bang Kjærgaard

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Which was the first picture that someone took of  you, the first model job you had,which were the first impression you had you saw it published ? 

It was a test shoot last summer with a photographer from Lithuania. We did the shooting in the streets of Copenhagen. At first I couldn’t recognize myself when I saw the photos but I thought it was cool to see myself changed to another person haha!

Which is the first rule you’ve learned when working as a model? 

You have to be very adaptable and you have to accept that your lifestyle is very spontaneous.

How do you reconcile your life (studies, friends..) with your work ? 

Since It’s still new for me to work full time as a model, and I recently started traveling for longer periods. It can be really difficult to stay in touch with my family and friends, especially with different time zones. But I try to give (at least my family) a life sign every now and then haha

What is your relationship with fashion? You have your own style, you like to play with clothes and fashion?

I was interested in fashion before I started modeling. When I was younger my sister and I dressed up in these French dresses that my mom brought from Paris, and we acted like fancy ladies. I think it’s cool how you can express yourself through your way of dressing.

Your relationship with social, photos, Instagram ..? You cannot live without it…or sometimes you prefer to be “off line”?

I like the social media. As a model, it is a part of my job and it’s a way to promote myself .I am trying to post pictures from my jobs and travels as much as possible, but sometimes I feel like I could improve haha!!

What are your favorite hobbies?

My job is actually my favorite hobby. To me, it’s like a hobby and a passion. I would do it anytime!! Of course I have other hobbies as well! I like reading crime novels, for a fact, I just finished one! Since I’ve started traveling I’m forced to cook my own food, and I’m getting really into it!

What’s the thing that people doesn’t know about working as a model ? 

First of all, the lifestyle of a model is not always as glamorous as people may consider.

Also, It’s not just about being a pretty face, in a good shape etc. It’s also about your attitude, your behavior and how you get through tough situations. It’s a privilege for me to be a part of this industry. I’ve learned so much about who I am and what I stand for.

The weirdest or funniest thing happened on a set?

Once I had to climb this huge fence, because the photographer wanted a photo on the other side. While I was climbing, my jeans cracked. It was super embarrassing, but thank god we could just laugh about it hahaha

What’s the thing you like the most about your job and what you don’t like?

I’m developing myself. I feel like this job makes me grow as a person, and I get to learn a lot more about myself. Of course it’s also nice to travel and explore new places in the world 😉

As I mentioned in the beginning my lifestyle is very spontaneous. Therefore it can be hard to make plans. Sometimes I miss out on fun things happening back home.

Modeling is also about waiting, waiting for you make up….how do you spend your “waiting time” ?

I love learning about new people so usually I speak to someone. But if there’s no one to talk to, I’ll read my book, listen to music and eat loooots of snacks 🙂