ACNE Studios resort 2016

ACNE Studios resort 2016


ACNE Studios resort 2016    Italiano-Inglese-New11

” Volevo guardare all’intelligenza della spontaneità e alla forza della libera espressione, specialmente nei patchwork DIY e nelle geometrie. C’è un mood da carta da parati e tappezzeria ispirato all’arte di Albert Gleizes con una spruzzata pop di Mario Schifano.” Jonny Johansson, Creative Director.

“I wanted to look at the intelligence of naivety and the toughness of free expression, especially DIY patchworking and geometry. There’s a feeling of wallpaper and decorative fabric, inspired by the art of Albert Gleizes, with the spray painted pop of Mario Schifano.”  Jonny Johansson, Creative Director.

Expressive pieces of individuality, using tactile fabrics such as silk twill, linen, suede and silk organza.

Colours go from linen beige, indigo and black and white to hot pink and fiery red.

Dresses wrap around the body as if caught in movement, like the cotton/linen sleeveless dress of wallpaper stripes that spiral downwards, a flash of hot pink at the hem.

Patchworks of stripes and colour blocks appear in silk organza tops, while Cubist patchwork semi- sheer boxer pants combine fabrics and colours.

A long white loose coat has panels of pink check bordered in black down the sides and sleeves, while a twisted and draped top has wide loose sleeves.

Exaggerated silhouette trenches come in bonded linen or supple leather in red or beige, while a suede coat is split at hip level and held by knotted ties.

A silk twill camisole combines various wallpaper-inspired prints, the patchworked panels draping as if peeling away.

Chokers elevate the tattoo necklace, while pumps and heels have raw frayed edges, and monk shoes finish at an exaggerated pointy toe.