A day with Caitlin Lindquist

A day with Caitlin Lindquist


A day with Caitlin Lindquist

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È la ragazza dietro il blog di beauty/lifestyle/fashion “A little dash of darling”, di lei e del suo sito dice:

“Hello, and welcome to my site. I’m Caitlin, a Utah-turned-Arizona darling finding myself one life adventure at a time while making a home in Scottsdale with my incredible husband, Ben, and our beloved pups Mini and Wookie. I am a lover of laughter and life with an emphasis on all things darling and I enjoy sharing it all with you through my blog… one photo at a time”.

10 diversi momenti della giornata, dalla sveglia alla buonanotte per conoscerla un po’.

10 different moments during the day, from wake up time till good night.

www.alittledashofdarling.com     Photo credits: Dash of Darling LLC

– Wake up!

Are you a morning kind of person or (when its a not a working day) do you prefer staying in bed as long as you can? Do you have an alarm set on the mobile phone or do you usually wake up when you receive the first call/text in the morning?

My favorite is when I can wake up slow and naturally.  I like knowing that I can wake up without the screeching sound of an alarm ringing.  Plus, waking up to a bright and sunny day with the sound of birds happily chirping and enjoying puppy snuggles in bed with nowhere to be is simply the best.  However, most days I wake up with the sun around 6am – with or without an alarm – so I can hit the gym early with my hubby and get my day going.

– Breakfast

Your favourite kind of breakfast when you’re at home and the one you love when you’re travelling? What’s the best breakfast you’ve ever had? (nation, hotel)

Recently I have been really into crepes for breakfast when we go out. They remind me of the hitting the crepe stand near the Eiffel Tower every morning when my husband and I last visited Paris (they are to die for).  But when I am at home my daily breakfast is usually a coffee and two eggs over-easy.  I am kind of a creature of habit, but every now and then I will throw in some berries or an acai bowl to mix it up.

As for the best breakfast I have ever had… well, the crepes in Paris are definitely a contender.  But I also love the blueberry pancakes at Turtle Bay Cafe in Akumal, Mexico, the ‘Coast Toast’ orange soufflé French toast at Brockton Villa in La Jolla, California and the French Toast on the secret menu at J&G Grill at the St. Regis in Deer Valley (I had them the morning after our wedding and was in French toast heaven)!

Dash of Darling_1

– Gym session

Which of these 3 sentence is perfect for you and why? You have your gym card but you go there just to pay the monthly fee. You always go to gym at least 3 days a week. Gym is like Spring…it’s an April thing when Summer and beach time is around the corner.

For me, I have to go to the gym at least three days a week (usually MWF).  I try to get in a run on the other days.  Fitness is important for my physical, but also mental, health.

Dash of Darling_2

– Blog updates.

Do you update your blog on a particular time of the day (morning/evening)? Do you take notes during the day and then you work on them when you’re home? Which are your must-have devices (digital or not) you have with you to work “on the go”?

I am a procrastinator so I typically I create a post the evening before I want it to go live.  I usually schedule all posts to go live at the same time – between midnight and 1am so that those in later time zones can view the post early as well.  For inspiration, sometimes it will hit me and I just have to type a long note on my iPhone so I can get my thoughts down before I lose them.  Sometimes I’ll get really excited to share something with my readers and it just flows.  However, sometimes I have to sit down in silence and really think about what it is I want to say.  Regardless of how it comes about, I always like to double (triple) check my posts before they go live and add little details that I think my readers might enjoy.

My digital must have is definitely my iPhone. I love snapping pictures through out the day and keeping my Instagram current with all the things I discover along the way.  It also allows me to answer quick emails on the go.

– Lunch time

The first thing you do when you’re in a restaurant: you check if there’s wi-fi or you check the menu to see if there’s a good salad?

For me, food is a pretty high priority on my brain so I always sit down and check out the menu first for what I can stuff my face with.  I am kind of picky though so I like to look for familiar favorites that can be my backup if I’m not feeling brave enough to try a new dish.  Lunch is kind of a tricky time for me though because I am not much of a sandwich fan and there are few salads that call my name… typically anything refreshing with fruit is my go-to.

If you eat all by yourself, what do you do? Listen to music, check your blog comments, check what’s going on on instagram/twitter/facebook?

If I am eating by myself at a restaurant I usually entertain myself with a little people watching and scrolling through social media.  If I am at home I either have music playing or a TV show on in the background while I nosh.  But I am definitely a multi-tasker so I am usually always doing three things at once.

Lunch time is never before…lunch time is never after…(at what time you usually have lunch?)

Lunch time is never before 12pm but never after 5pm… usually somewhere between 1-2pm is my sweet spot.  If it’s a busy day, sometimes I will let lunch creep up on 4pm, but anything after that gets too close to dinner.

Dash of Darling_11

– Shopping time

How do you find the coolest shopping address in a foreign city? Concept store or Vintage/thrift shop?

I love finding fashionable locals via Instagram and checking to see where they hang (I look for geotags or hashtags).  The best way to find a gem is through the locals.  Otherwise, I will look to google for recommends.  But when I travel I love to explore and walk everywhere, it’s a great way to get to know the city and you’re bound to find some great shops along the way.

A successful shopping session is: when you buy what you needed to or when you buy something you didn’t know you needed?

For me, I think success comes when I find something I truly love… whether it’s a ‘need’ or a ‘want.’  but I do love when I go shopping for a particular item or an item for a certain occasion and I am able to find the perfect piece. I like that feeling of triumph and relief that the shopping hunt is over and I can start to focus on the actual event.

Dash of Darling_10

– Beauty session

Do you have a beauty routine you cannot live without? which are your “must-have” product that you take always with you in your beauty-case and/or in your bag?

I can’t live without my Cetaphil daily face wash, my Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes for when I travel, my Clinque spot treatment if a blemish comes along, my Revitalash so I can grow my lashes, a really good (yummy smelling) lotion, and C.O Bigelow Rose Salve for my lips.  Oh, and I am totally old school and still wear shower cap on days I am not washing my hair… so I always make sure to pack one of those to minimize time spent in the bathroom and maximize time out and about.

Dash of Darling_6

– Friends meeting

How do you organize a date with your friends? with a group-message on whatsapp or calling/texting each of them? What do you do then…the same nice pub/restaurant downtown or at home with a nice movie+popcorn on tv?

Texting is the best form of communication!  It’s so easy and convenient.  We typically love getting together for a lunch date or after work dinner and drinks.  We don’t really have a go-to when it comes to where we head because we love to explore and try new places… that’s half the fun!

– Dinner

Dinner is what people used to do before “happy hour/aperitif” were invented? Are you a take-away addicted with all the menus on the fridge’s door or do you prefer improvise and cook something nice for dinner?

My husband and I rarely eat dinner out.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that when I post food pics they are usually either breakfast of lunch.  We prefer to cook a healthy meal at home and save our pennies.

– Good night!

Which are your “before bed” rituals: which is the last thing you do before turning the light off? Which sentence is more close to your attitude and why? I need 8 hour’s sleep no matter what. You snooze you lose (the more you sleep the more things you could lose).

Before bed I always remove my makeup and brush my hair and teeth.  Then I usually hurl myself onto the bed and make my hubby get the light (I am scared of stepping on a scorpion or something scary like that).  The last thing I do is usually set my alarm (for as late as I possibly can) and tell my hubby goodnight.  And as for sleep, if I could get more I would.  8 hours of sleep is kind of a myth in our household.  We’re typically in bed around midnight after I finish publishing my post and up around 6am to get back at it.