Dior Secret Garden IV with Rihanna

Dior Secret Garden IV with Rihanna


Dior Secret Garden IV with Rihanna    Italiano-Inglese-New1

Finalmente online l’attesissimo video che vede Rihanna protagonista della quarta puntata di “Dior Secret Garden IV ” girato nella reggia di Versailles. Divertitevi a guardare anche i due video backstage della campagna.

Last week we brought you the brand new Secret Garden IV campaign, in which the singer Rihanna explores a Versailles cloaked in mystery. Follow here once more today through the secret world of the chateau and its gardens, in this full-length, extended version of the film.

In the Palace of Versailles and surrounded by darkness, Rihanna lights up the screen in this exclusive short film from the Secret Garden IV campaign, shot by Steven Klein. Relive the entire Secret Garden IV experience. Enjoy the 2 behind the scenes videos too.