Moonlight in Paris by Dylan Ryu

Moonlight in Paris by Dylan Ryu


During the Paris fashion week ready to wear fall 2015, Dylan Ryu, vintage artist who gives new life to vintage bags, presented her collections inspired by the 1950’s Haute Couture handmade gemstone buttons: Moonlight in Paris. The very important detail of more than 50 vintage bags from Chanel, Hermes, Dior that are recreated by Dylan and exhibited in this presentation is shiny gemstone buttons. Because the gemstone buttons handmade by artisans in 1950s that were used in the Chanel’s Haute couture collection were made according to the techniques to construct jewelry, they are very delicate and sophisticated. The presentation title “Moonlight in Paris” was inspired by the booming lights of gemstones that are like the Paris moonlight in 1950s. While we live in year 2015, we can feel the moonlight of 1950s through the buttons made by artisans in 1950s. Such romanticism across generations is the message that Dylan wants to deliver. So many friends and guest came at the presentation that took place in a mansion of 17th located at a historical area Place des Vosges in marais.

Guests: Catherine Baba,Alice Aufray,Cécile Togni,Gaelle Constantini,Sasha Melnychuk,Saliva,Helena Soubeyrand,Elsa Muse,Joanne Palmaro,Sissi.

Photo credit:  Virgile Guinart

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