“An Italian Theory,” by Alessandro Enriquez, joins the work of Azzurra Gronchi


“An Italian Theory,” by Alessandro Enriquez, joins the work of Azzurra Gronchi


“An Italian Theory,” the theory of italianity by Alessandro Enriquez, once again joins the work of designer Azzurra Gronchi to give life to new capsule collection of made in Italy men’s accessories


After the success of their first collaboration, here is a new challenge, a capsule collection of handbags and men’s lifestyle objects related to traditional sports, with the addition of two multifunctional chairs.


For a modern man and citizen of the world “An Italian Theory Boy” offers fashion and lifestyle objects, ranging from the I-pad case to outdoor backpacks and luxurious leather accessories: both golf and tennis bags are presented as well as 24hours and briefcases.

Business leather goods are taken to a whole new level of fashion with the introduction also of baseball hats, volleyballs and bike helmets for the most fashionable riders.

Each bag has a masculine name that identifies and emphasizes the strong personality of each piece and the uniqueness of the creative process behind it. “It’s like each bag reflects a character, a personality and a certain lifestyle. Tancredi is the golf bag, Alfredo the tennis one or Attilio, the 24h” explains Alessandro Enriquez.

The capsule is made complete by the presence of a “masculine seat”, a pouf with pockets for magazines and other objects.

The graphics are unmistakably An Italian Theory: blue varieties are mixed with fluorescent green and browns, the mustard yellow and the ocher are transformed into intense lines and geometric shapes, merging with the traditional hearts, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers recurrent and elements in the Italian Theory project. The versions available are two: the printed-letter one and the more geometric one.




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