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&Co.llaboration BLA BLA BLA

An invitation to step outside the box...

MAX&Co. introduce the latest chapter in its &Co.llaboration series, created in partnership with the artist Pietro Terzini. Colourful, joyful, with a playful spirit of irony, BLABLABLA is an ode to self-expression, creativity and levity.

The creative Terzini is renowned for his uplifting word art. Widely acclaimed and much-loved, his profile was propelled to new heights during the pandemic. Utilising the power and reach of Instagram, Terzini’s phrases – funny, moving, clever – have captured the public imagination with their insightful commentary on our lives, times and culture. His work transitions effortlessly from online to real life and has been seen splashed everywhere from walls to windows.

In the BLABLABLA &Co.llaboration, Terzini transforms style staples into what he describes as ‘wearable memes’. Wardrobe classics are disrupted and emboldened with a tongue-in-cheek attitude courtesy of spontaneous handwritten phrases. So, a seemingly formal blazer is splashed with the words ‘Out of Office’ on the back, outerwear carries the slogan ‘Brr So Windy’ and a maxi patchwork cardigan is finished with the aside ‘Don’t Be Squared’. T-shirts, skirts, shirts and totes are also enriched with the eye-catching, mood-lifting handwritten mottos, notes and observations. Blankets and an angular vase continue the collection into the home. The bold, bright mood is enriched by the palette.

The Capsule is an aesthetic short-circuit that ironically breaks the boundaries between real and imaginary, upsetting the traditional dress codes. Each piece tells its own story, becoming MEMErable. Style is not just what we wear, it’s what we are.


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