Romanza Collection: Buccellati masterpieces for an eternal love


Romanza Collection: Buccellati masterpieces for an eternal love

Every engagement ring is the beginning of a story. The Romanza collection tells the love stories of seven women who lived among the pages of unforgettable literary works; from the passionate Ginevra to the ethereal Beatrice.

In the Buccellati universe you can find objects that underline the importance of one of the most intense and significant moments of our lives. Thanks to excellence in unique designs, the Buccellati name has become the point of reference for unrepeatable masterpieces.

The “Romanza” collection is made up of rings designed expressly for the big day, with the lightness and magic of tulle workmanship, with the typical engravings of the Buccellati style, with diamonds that illuminate a promise. They are rings with precious workmanship, so decorated but so unexpectedly simple and pure in their style that they immediately attract admiration. The Romanza collection was developed using traditional manufacturing techniques dating back to the Renaissance and the engraving techniques that make each Buccellati jewel unique. It thus introduces different styles, each of which symbolizes the unique spirit of some iconic muses in the history of European literature: Guinevere loved by Lancelot, Antiope of the Queen of the Amazons, Beatrice of Dante Alighieri, Charlotte of Elective Affinities, Titania of “A Night’s Dream of Midsummer” by Shakespeare and Bradamante by Lodovico Ariosto. And then again Penelope, mythological symbol of unshakable loyalty; Lavinia, betrothed in the Aeneid; Juliet, who loves her Romeo, and Isolde, tormented by her feelings for Tristan.

They are Buccellati’s first ever engagement rings and are the result of meticulous craftsmanship, hours of manual skill applied to gold and diamonds to achieve perfection in a jewel that will remain over time as a testimony of love and respect.



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