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Not only wedding dress: on the catwalks of the SS24 white becomes a must-have and the mini white dress is the new trend that combines versatility, elegance and practicality.

In the West, the white colour has always represented purity and freedom. It also refers to the idea of transparency and light, thanks to its physical characteristics.

For this reason, white is undoubtedly one of the most chosen colours by brides not only for the dress but also for the wedding setup. However, if in the past the meaning of this colour was connected to the purity of the bride from a physical point of view, today this has changed because purity does not refer to virginity but to simplicity.

| CHANEL CRUISE 2024/2025 |

Starting from this change, the idea of woman that you want to propose is that of one who does not give up its simplicity and refinement on every occasion, from a walk to the sea to a party in an exclusive location. From the catwalks of the SS24 emerges a dynamic woman who goes beyond the stereotypes of ageism or standardized physicality!


In Sangallo lace, macramé, linen or terry but strictly white: whether you wear it on a one-tone or patterned costume, the mini-dress is the choice that puts every woman in agreement!

Take it for a walk to the sea, to resist the sultry heat or to enjoy a sunset at the end of the day. Then, if you wander the streets of your city, you can keep the white mini-dress and opt for the half sleeve.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a quiet aperitif with friends, you can wear the white colour and leave room for your creativity choosing between satin, silk and crepe.

Let yourself go to the rhythm of the music and brighten your evenings with mini-white dresses with sequins and various decorations.

Don’t wait for your wedding to wear a mini-white ceremony dress!

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