8th edition of GemGenève


8th edition of GemGenève

To celebrate this eighth edition more than just a show the organizers have created a real cultural experience.

At the next edition of GemGenève, which will be held from 9 to 12 May 2024 in hall 1 of the Palexpo, visitors will be able to admire exceptional jewels and stones, but not only… To celebrate this eighth edition, in fact, more than just a show the organizers have created a real cultural experience.

At the same time as the Flames of Opal Essence exhibition, GemGenève will propose, under the direction of Mathieu Dekeukelaire, a series of spaces dedicated to culture: ephemeral bookshops, conferences and large meetings, round tables and arts and crafts workshops thanks to which, for a few days, the public will be able to completely immerse themselves in the fabulous world of jewellery!

Art Foundation Ukrainian Jewellers
For this eighth edition, the organizers of GemGenève continue to demonstrate their support for the Ukrainian creators and jewelers united under the name “Strong & Precious Art Foundation”. Founded by Olga Oleksenko, ambassador of the bold project and former director of the Van Cleef & Arpels boutique in Kiev, the “Strong & Precious” collective was born in April 2022 with one central idea in mind: to give visibility to contemporary Ukrainian creators and let the world discover the great jewelry tradition in Ukraine. The artists continue to engage in their art, even in times of war, “Strong & Precious” therefore presents itself as a space of freedom, in which Ukrainian jewelers can continue to make people dream thanks to their creations.

GemGenève will also celebrate literature dedicated to jewelry, promoting knowledge of jewelry and precious stones through reading. Two specialized bookstores will offer passionate and demanding collectors the opportunity to purchase specialized works and particularly rare books.

For the third time since its birth, GemGenève will offer an exceptional showcase of artisanal professions. Custodians of ancestral knowledge and true wizards of creation, the craft professions retain unique skills, unfortunately sometimes deprived of the right recognition.
Under the coordination of Anouk Lettang, for this eighth edition GemGenève has dedicated particular attention to the Craft Professions space. This focus embodies GemGenève’s commitment to sharing, inspiring and highlighting art and creativity, but also exceptional talents.

An unprecedented initiative has taken shape in this eighth edition thanks to the joint impulse of the artisans and the organizational team: for the entire duration of the show, various artisans will combine their skills to create a unique jewel. Each of them, a master in a specific sector of jewellery, will share their skills to create the piece. Visitors will thus be able to observe the different craftsmen in action, from the design of the piece and the chain to the cutting of the diamonds, from the engraving to the enamelling, up to the final setting of the stones.

The jewel created inspired by the GemGenève logo will be in shades of blue and green, to evoke the landscapes of Val Verzasca, in the Canton of Ticino, and enhance the splendid nature and cultural heritage of Switzerland.


Partner of GemGenève for several editions, the Grand Théâtre de Genève once again joins the show’s commitment to promoting and enhancing artisan crafts. In keeping with GemGenève’s cultural program and the theme of the exhibition campaign Travel and Movements, the Grand Théâtre de Genève will present a selection of pieces from its workshops. Masks, costumes and wings will illustrate the profound skills of the laboratories of the great Geneva institution.

The history of jewelry and the science of gems will be addressed from different perspectives, ranging from historical themes to hot current topics. Some prestigious specialists, conservators and experts will be invited to discuss issues that fascinate jewelery enthusiasts and collectors, sometimes even sparking debate in the community: from the cabochon to the history of the Crown Jewels, through innovations in the world of jewellery, and without forgetting the price of diamonds.

Diamonds and geopolitics, the challenges of supply
For this eighth edition, GemGenève will also host an unprecedented work session promoted by the Gemmologists association

supply”. This new format will allow around fifteen specialists and experts, selected on a voluntary basis, to exchange reflections and share experiences. Three fundamental questions will form the basis of the discussion: To what extent can we guarantee the provenance of the stones? Is it possible to set up a constructive and responsible commercial chain? How can we maintain customer trust?

GemGenève 8th edition
9 – 12 May 2024
10:00 – 18:30
Palexpo, Hall 1 | Geneva | Swiss


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