TOD’S | The art of craftsmanship: a Project by Venetian Masters

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TOD’S | The art of craftsmanship: a Project by Venetian Masters

The two fundamental values of the Tod's universe: high craftsmanship and tradition of the fatto a mano brought toghether the new chapter of The Art of Craftsmanship, a Project by Venetian Masters.

In the new chapter of The Art of Craftsmanship – A Project by Venetian Masters – Tod’s celebrates Italian craftsmanship and Italian Lifestyle of which the Gommino is the brand’s iconic symbol.


Craftsmanship and traditional time-honoured techniques are fundamental values of the Tod’s universe and of which the brand has always been recognised for, celebrating and enhancing the great know-how of the Italian artisans.

Eleven Venetian Masters interpret the Gommino and the high-quality craftsmanship through their art, tools, and mastery. This alliance between the brand and the City of Venice reflects Tod’s commitment to promoting a message of expertise, know-how and beauty; qualities that characterise Italy globally.

The project will be presented at an exhibition during the opening days of the 60th International Art Exhibition of Venice, in the presence of the Venetian Masters and Tod’s Artisans. To name a few, glassblower Roberto Beltrami, goldbeater Marino Menegazzo, rowlock makers Saverio Pastor and Piero Dri, glass masters Matteo Seguso (engraving), Lucio Bubacco (lampworking), and mask maker Sergio Boldrin. Each of them has been inspired by the Gommino and the brand’s codes, creating unique and original works that celebrate contemporary style and the charm of ancient craftsmanship.

This project further emphasises Tod’s long-lasting support of Italian craftsmanship, its art, and its culture. Alongside works such as the restoration of the Colosseum in Rome, Palazzo Marino in Milan and the commitment to the Teatro alla Scala, this year Tod’s is also the partner of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Arte, for the installation “Due qui / To Hear ”, which features curator Luca Cerizza and artist Massimo Bartolini

The exhibition The Art of Craftsmanship – a Project by Venetian Masters has been unveiled on Friday, April 19 with a cocktail in honor of the Italian Pavillon and is open to the public on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, April 20th and 21st.

Among the guests: Diego Della Valle, Andrea Della Valle, Gennaro Sangiuliano, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Joy, Tod’s Korean Brand Ambassador, Adrien Brody, Hayley Hatwell, Kelly Rutherford, Alessandro Borghi, Benedetta Porcaroli, Ziyi Zhang, Nancy Zhang, Keita Machida and other personalities from the world of politics, business, fashion and entertainment.

Location: Arsenale – Tese di San Cristoforo, Venice

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