Hype Monotone Collection for Asos


Hype Monotone Collection for Asos


Hype, brand inglese nato nell’estate del 2011 e divenuto un punto di riferimento nel mondo street grazie ad un ampio passaparola, annuncia una collaborazione con il global online fashion and beauty retailer, ASOS.

La capsule è contraddistinta da un’estetica dark, con una ricorrente monocromia e l’assenza di stampe: tagli netti, linee pulite e un branding bold caratterizzano l’intera collezione, dove i neri freddi e ombrosi si oppongono a bianchi puliti e luminosi.

La collezione, composta di 14 pezzi di abbigliamento, è disponibile ora in esclusiva su asos.com/it

English text

Having been recognised in recent seasons as a brand with truly international influence, Hype sounds the bell today for its rapid, unruly rise by announcing a covert collaboration with global online fashion and beauty retailer, ASOS.

The renegade fashion label – started in the summer of 2011 in a bedroom in Leicester and propelled to the doorsteps of the masses by positive word of mouth only – has thrown us a stylistic curveball, too: the collection’s fully monochrome and print-free, yet somehow retains all the insubordinate inclinations of the brand’s previous work.

A darker-than-usual aesthetic is prescient throughout the collection: tense, edgy lines snap with bold, brassy branding; shadowy blacks wrestle blinding, moonlight whites; minimal throughout, sumptuous within – ubiquitous but totally unique, that’s the brand’s way.

In short it’s a Hype collection like nothing we’ve ever seen before and may never see again. It contains 14 new pieces and is available exclusively at ASOS now.

Find more on  asos.com/it


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