TOD’S | Financing of Palazzo Marino’s restoration

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TOD’S | Financing of Palazzo Marino’s restoration

Tod’s Group announces that it will finance the restoration of all of Palazzo Marino's facades: the activities will be completed by the end of Semptember 2025.

Milan, 12 April 2024 – Tod’s Group, a leading luxury and Made in Italy brand, announces the financing of Palazzo Marino’s restoration. The intense activities start today.

Tod’s Group will completely finance the restoration of all the facades of the Palace, both the external ones, for an area of over 5000 square meters, both the internal ones on the Courtyard of Honour, with the original elements dating back to the XVI century of the portico and the loggia, for over 2000sqm. The last part of the restoration, on the inner courtyard, will carry out between the months of April and September of the next year guaranteeing the development of the regular activities in the headquarters of the City of Milan.

The intense activities will have a total duration of 16 months and will start today, with an estimated conclusion for September 2025.

With this project, Tod’s Group continues supporting and promoting Italian art and culture, an irreplaceable and unparalleled resource admired by the whole world. A concrete form of civil participation that establishes its beliefs on the need for the public and the private to work together as much as possible to support projects to improve the quality of the citizens’ life. Businesses must be increasingly willing to empower useful and supportive projects.

Diego Della Valle, President and CEO of Tod’s s.p.a. Group states: “As I have already said, we are very pleased to do something important and concrete for Milan. Palazzo Marino’s restoration,  which all citizens consider their home, allows us to give a strong signal of respect and gratitude to Milan and its citizens”.

“Palazzo Marino – says the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala – is one of the treasures of our city. Today, with the beginning of the restoration work supported by the Tod’s Group, we renew a history of responsibility and cooperation between institutions and companies in the care of common goods and their enhancement. The urgent need of safeguarding the ‘home of Milan’s people’ has found an answer in a valuable collaboration that, through a important intervention, will give to our fellow citizens, tourists and visitors welcomed every year in the Palace, the opportunity to discover and appreciate the civic heart of Milan, a contemporary and increasingly attractiveness”.

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