SPIBER | Luxury Meets Sustainable Denim


SPIBER | Luxury Meets Sustainable Denim

Spiber, a Japanese biomaterial company that develops fibers from proteins fermented in the laboratory, has unveiled a new denim fabric produced by Ueyama Textile, a highly respected textile manufacturer in Japan.

Brewed Protein™ fibers are a new class of plant-based, circular protein materials manufactured through Spiber’s proprietary fermentation technology. Until now, Spiber has offered denim fabrics made from 5% Brewed Protein and 95% cotton produced by Nihon Mempu, Japan’s one of the most respected denim manufacturers. Replacing existing materials allows Spiber to explore new approaches to denim recycling.
With further R&D and collaboration with Ueyama Textile, Ueyama Textile and Spiber have successfully managed to develop a fabric of 35% Brewed Protein™ fiber , and 65 % organic cotton. Whereas raw denim fabric can be rough, Brewed Protein™ fibers bring softness to the fabric, which creates comfortable touches to your skin.

In the past, Goldwin 0, a Japanese sportswear brand, and YOKE, a Japanese street designer brand has adopted denim fabrics made of Brewed Protein™ fiber. In addition, recently a Japanese couture designer brand, YUIMA NAKAZATO, presented some collections made from the innovative denim material dyed with sumi-ink, which is usually utilized for East Asian’s calligraphy and brush painting, at Paris Fashion Week in January.
The combination of Spiber’s innovative material and Japanese high-quality denim development has been drawing a lot of attention from brands.


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