Prada Group extends Fashion Training Program to Mexico

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Prada Group extends Fashion Training Program to Mexico

The “Fashion Expressions: The Stories She Wears” project, which aims to guide the training path of aspiring fashion professionals and promote prevention regarding sexual and reproductive health, reaches the women of Querétaro (Mexico).

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Prada Group and UNFPA, the United Nations agency for sexual and reproductive health, with the aim of generating positive social change through fashion, announce the expansion of the training “Fashion Expressions: The Stories She Wears”. The project, which aims to harness the power of fashion as a vehicle to promote female empowerment, sexual and reproductive health, involves 30 artisan women from the state of Querétaro, coming from indigenous communities with experience in weaving and embroidery to strengthen their technical, artisanal and financial preparation. First launched in 2021, the initiative has trained 43 participants in Ghana and Kenya, facilitating internships and employment opportunities in local companies.

The program was launched in Mexico last September, where a group of embroiderers and weavers aged between 18 and 50 were selected to improve technical skills and gain marketing knowledge. These are artisan mothers who work in small family-run home workshops, usually with the help of their children, who support their families by selling artisanal objects in the local markets of Querétaro.

Through a six-month training period, the program allows the valorization of cultural heritage and, at the same time, allows for a deeper understanding of sexual and reproductive rights. The training is followed by collaboration opportunities with companies, under the supervision of fashion industry professionals.

With the support of local partner Nest, a non-profit organization that works to promote gender equality and the economic inclusion of artisans, participants acquire business development skills and basic financial knowledge to support their entrepreneurial activities and gain greater independence economical. Upon completion of the project, the artisans continue to benefit from Nest’s consultancy for the development of their businesses.


Mariarosa Cutillo, Chief of Strategic Partnerships, UNFPA, said: “The value of UNFPA’s partnership with the Prada Group is to place creativity at the heart of building inclusive communities for women and girls. We’ve seen the impact of this model in Africa, where the power of fashion has been used as a vehicle to advance sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, and we can’t wait to see the results. of the journey of the artisans of Querétaro”.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Prada Group, commented: “The partnership with UNFPA testifies to the power of fashion, combined with education, to generate change and emancipation, thanks also to the natural abilities of the participants. Our goal is to support these women and give them hope for a better future, as we continue to work to build a more inclusive society.”

Malika Savell Cruz, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer of Prada Group, The Americas, said: “We are thrilled to further strengthen our partnership with UNFPA and expand the “Fashion Expressions: The Stories She Wears” project to Mexico. This further step underlines our ongoing commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the fashion industry. Initiatives like this empower the next generation of creatives, while fostering cultural dialogue, understanding and the creation of a more inclusive global community.”

Rebecca van Bergen, Executive Director of Nest, said: “Nest’s craft business development program significantly complements the UNFPA and Prada Group project, enabling the partnership to holistically support women in creating a better future for themselves, their families and communities”.

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