Gabrielle Greiss’ Fables Etcetera


Gabrielle Greiss’ Fables Etcetera

Gabrielle Greiss' bronze creations, featuring animal heroes, are a striking allegorical journey between spirituality and animality.

Renowned Fashion Maven Gabrielle Greiss Unveils Debut Jewelry Line Born and raised in Munich, designer Gabrielle Greiss’ artistic journey reads like a contemporary allegory — a narrative of determination, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of creative expression.

In the late ’90s, her journey begins in London at Central Saint Martins, where dreams intertwine with reality, and creations bear the delicate yet rebellious narrative that defines Gabrielle’s unique style — too punk to be fragile. Spotted by industry stalwart Marc Ascoli, she ventures to Paris to collaborate with Martine Sitbon, where for eight years, they craft a wardrobe for a rare girl inspired by 70s style icons — both feminine and androgynous.

Her journey continues at Sonia Rykiel, where Gabrielle’s designs bring an unexpected freshness to the brand. Five years at the helm of artistic direction mark a period of evolution, and soon after, a collaboration with Albert Elbaz paves the way for consulting roles with Italian brands. In 2012, Gabrielle’s solo adventure unfolds — a collection of dresses, romantic yet tinged with darkness, reflecting her return to personal sources. This leads Gabrielle to an eight-year tenure at Chloé, directing the creative team for Clare Waight Keller and Natacha Ramsey Levi, further solidifying her standing in the industry.

Gabrielle’s career mirrors the Germanic novels, driven by curiosity—the original mother of her research and passions. Recent studies in sculpting and drawing at the Beaux Arts à Paris reveal a desire to create with her own hands, away from calendars and overproduction, crafting something precious and rare — limited editions that speak of her artistic soul.

Gabrielle Greiss’ bronze creations, featuring animal heroes, are a striking allegorical journey between spirituality and animality. A bronze sculpture of her cat becomes a catalyst, sparking an exploration of fables from La Fontaine or Aesop — an artistic narrative that is only halfway through the novel. Gabrielle’s artistic process is a symphony of observation, collection, and a keen ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join us at La Galerie de Pierre Marie as we unveil Gabrielle’s debut jewelry line where tales come to life, intricately incarnated in the timeless medium of bronze.


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