VALEXTRA | A Touch of Beauty


VALEXTRA | A Touch of Beauty

The title of this episode is A Touch of Beauty, in honor of the brand's refined material innovations.

VALEXTRA | A Touch of Beauty


For autumn-winter 2024, Valextra continues its search for the marvelous in everyday life and does so with Valextra 24/7: Chapter Three. The title of this episode is A Touch of Beauty, in honor of the brand’s refined material innovations.

This season, the most classic icon of urban elegance, the Iside bag, abandons traditional leather to evolve into a small architectural treasure, with a shiny aluminum finish with golden reflections. The refined Iside Minaudiere has been studied down to the smallest detail to be extremely light: a microstructure with a wavy pattern engraved by hand on the surface, which makes it a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.

New from Valextra in 2024, the Iside Palmellato is the result of years of research, development and refinement. Extremely soft and without any type of imperfection, it was named so to recall the traditional hand finishing technique that makes its surface shiny and flawless.

Alongside these proposals, the Milano bag, arriving in the new and soft structured Millepunte leather, which blends refinement and practicality, inaugurating a new era for Valextra leather goods, whose artisanal touch acquires further delicacy and agility, accentuating the harmonious femininity of its shapes. Ideal for storing everyday objects as well as more precious ones, it is the perfect synthesis of functionality and refinement.

These extraordinary new additions to the collection will take pride of place in a series of everyday sensorial scenarios that will come to life in the Via Manzoni store. Curated by Martina Lucatelli Studio, each scenario reflects a moment of the day of the Valextra woman, who will find herself surrounded by objects that connect Valextra to Milan, the brand’s hometown, with its warm welcome and its internationally renowned design.

“I am happy and equally proud to be present in this key moment in the path of Valextra which has always sought innovation in its materials. This proposal positions our luxury leather goods within spaces with attention to the smallest details, capable of celebrating our hometown, Milan, and its reputation as a design capital,” says Xavier Rougeaux, CEO of Valextra.

“The arrival of the Iside Minaudiere is testimony to the articulated engineering capacity and unrivaled skill of Valextra’s artisans who were able to create an object of timeless beauty that blends functionality and elegance. Our impeccable Palmellato leather is also the the result of years of research and development and impeccably complements our ultra-soft Millepunte which has been further improved to bring harmonious luxury into our customers’ everyday lives through the newly launched Milano, Vivi and Origami bags. This season we are also honored to having collaborated with Riku Matsuzaki in the creation of Iside Indigo: a collaboration that highlights our passion and commitment to working with the best artisans in the world who share our values and exceptional craftsmanship.”


VALEXTRA | A Touch of Beauty

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