& Other Stories co-lab with Susan Fang

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& Other Stories co-lab with Susan Fang

& Other Stories announces the co-lab with Susan Fang, a designer known for her nature-inspired creations and innovative design techniques.

The co-lab features Susan Fang signatures such as laser-cut flower petals, unique prints, crochet pieces and delicate broderie anglaise. The collection also features new Susan Fang design elements such as beaded “water drops” that add an extra level of sophistication.

“The main inspiration of this co-lab was nature and the idea of creating unique pieces that could also be worn in everyday wardrobes. It is a collection that combines nature, dreams and surrealism through fashion,” he says Susan Fang.

“We are thrilled and proud to announce the collaboration with the visionary Susan Fang. We have great admiration for her designs that blend the delicate with the bold. Drawing inspiration from nature and science, Susan creates innovative pieces,” says Frida Billegren , Concept Designer of & Other Stories.

Since launching her brand in 2017, Susan Fang has been named to the BoF 500 class of 2023, and Forbes’ Under 30 in both 2019 and 2020, and her unique design sensibility has earned her a coveted spot in the shortlist for the prestigious LVMH Prize. Having spent her childhood between China, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, Susan Fang’s diverse experiences have shaped her perspective of fashion as a language that transcends cultural boundaries. Her brand is committed to breaking new ground in textile innovation and promoting innovative practices in design and manufacturing.

The Susan Fang & Other Stories collection will be available starting from April 2024 in selected stores and online at www.stories.com

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