Jacquemus and Repetto reveal their collaboration, part of the designer's new collection entitled "Les Sculptures".

It features Jacquemus’ reinterpretation of Repetto’s timeless richelieu shoes : the Zizi. He added a square toe and a circular heel, in a unique play on geometry that evokes the house’s original pointe shoes, deeply rooted in its ballet heritage. Manufactured using the unique stitch-and-return technique in Repetto’s workshops in Dordogne, France, this new design with androgynous lines, celebrates exceptional craftsmanship and visionary spirit.

In the 1970s Rose Repetto, the brand’s founder, drew inspiration from jazz shoes to create this Richelieu. She named it Zizi after her daughter-in-law Zizi Jeanmaire, a famous dancer and socialite of the time. A few years later, Serge Gainsbourg was enticed by the comfort of the shoes that became part of his iconic signature look. The Zizi became a mythical shoe through the generations.

Available in selected points of sale and online at Repetto.com and Jacquemus.com


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