Les Gastons Vuitton


Les Gastons Vuitton

A unique and modern character, with a great passion for life and knowledge, Gaston-Louis Vuitton enters the scene as a source of inspiration for the new Louis Vuitton Jewelery Collection: Les Gastons Vuitton.

He was a creative, a collector, an agile and curious mind. His wit, charm and interest in invention gave rise to lively designs and original ideas: typography, monograms, books, art, travel, trunks, games and toys were just some of his passions. The erudite thinker paved the way for a Collection that investigates and celebrates his multifaceted personality. Technical innovation, research into materials and mechanisms represent his modernity and his freedom. Gaston was born in an era of great change and invention, which he understood and certainly embraced.

Louis Vuitton jewelry is known for its modern approach, the ability to be unique and refined. In designing the Collection, Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director for Watches and Jewelery at Louis Vuitton, found that Gaston-Louis Vuitton had much in common with the men and women of today, with his sensitivity and curiosity. The collection divided into three chapters presents 16 pieces and 2 masterpieces. Rings, pendants, necklaces, medals, gourmette, bracelets and earrings include design signatures deeply rooted in the Louis Vuitton heritage, the Monogram and trunk stories, reimagined in surprising and contemporary ways.

The laser cutting technology gives extreme precision to the Monogram, applied with an innovative and contemporary effect. While the Maison’s trunk is offered in its smallest version, in a new shape that combines silver and diamonds. Materials include yellow gold and white gold, with titanium making its debut. This unique metal characterizes the collection and gives life to Les Gastons Vuitton Blue in titanium, a deep blue shade inspired by denim. Les Gastons Vuitton is the denim of jewels, elegant and versatile, just like Gaston. “After all, there is a bit of Gaston in all of us!”.


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