Inside LOUIS VUITTON FW 24 Backstage

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Inside LOUIS VUITTON FW 24 Backstage

Shoes take inspiration from the work boots of the American West.


The collection debuts a new heat-moulded handle bag conceived by Pharrell Williams. The Speedy appears in gem nuances and in new forms: as a studded saddle bag along with the Saumur; in Damier Navette Studs along with the Steamer; and in shades of Cowboy Boots Patchwork along with the Pochette Accessoires XL.


Shoes take inspiration from the work boots of the American West. Created alongside the expert Western bootmaker Goodyear in Texas, the LV Texan is an authentic cowboy boot whose stitch and appliqué decorations blend Louis Vuitton’s iconography with that of the American West.

GEMS / Jewellery

Informed by 19th century parures, the collection’s jewellery proposal is constructed in genuine turquoise. A necklace in turquoise and zircons – with a matching ring and earrings – is echoed in the construction of a cowboy bolo. In turn, bolos transform into necklaces with antique finishes and turquoise cabochons, and also materialise in braided leather.


The Millionaires sunglasses first created for Louis Vuitton by Pharrell Williams and Nigo in 2004 are adapted in three new editions. Adorned with turquoise, rivets and studs, leather sunglasses salute the signatures of cowboys. The collection features a number of singular metal-framed sunglasses with frame adornments and turquoise- or sand-coloured double- lenses, inspired by the iconography of the American West.

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