Miu Miu Holiday

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Miu Miu Holiday

A sense of intimacy, elegance and charm. Cultivated dress codes redrawn for the here and now. An expression of beauty reconsidered for the many facets of life today.

Starring actor Emma Corrin, Miu Miu Holiday occupies a home, a private space, open to infinite possibilities and interpretation.
The mood is refined: an eased opulence and languor prevails in a filmic environment familiar to the person who inhabits it, who is cultured and confident – comfortable in their own skin.

Backdropped by soft carpet and framed by precious antiques belonging to a distant place and time, her wardrobe is similarly layered – meaningful. Fluid black cady, shearling, tactile tweeds, sparkling organza embellished with crystal evoke archetypically sophisticated dress codes, their significance renewed. Glossed leathers, soft cashmere and jersey afford freedom of movement and effortless allure.

Prototypical garments are remixed. Cardigan jackets and micro-mini or knee-length pencil skirts are worn over lingerie. Unlikely juxtapositions continue to surprise.

A contemporary and highly individual spirit embraces innovation just as it does savoir faire. Incarnations of glamour and elegance past enrich and inform, always with the present and future in mind.

Miu Miu has collaborated with Marshall, designing neat, rounded black leather cases with polished gold branding in a special co-branded box and with Polaroid in a capsule of cameras that come complete with Miu Miu stickers and branded web camera straps.

Talent: Emma Corrin
Art Direction: Edward Quarmby
Photographer: Zoë Ghertner
Stylist: Lotta Volkova


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