Elegance around the neck: Women’s Ties

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Elegance around the neck: Women’s Ties

The evolution of the tie for women has seen a shift from the strictly formal and business-oriented accessory to a versatile fashion piece that can be incorporated into various outfits.

By Claudia Ingrassia

Ties can be worn in a variety of ways, from the classic knot to more creative and unconventional styles. They can be paired with traditional business attire, dressed down with a casual outfit, or used to add a unique touch to formal wear.


Trousers, shirt, chalk jacket looks like a perfect outfit to wear at work or for a brunch.


To create a more extravagant and original look, the tie can be worn over a cropped shirt and with a pleated miniskirt. Ideal outfit for a date with friends or for shopping in the center.

An elegant and sophisticated look, the addition of the tie makes it original. Ideal outfit for a dinner in a chic restaurant.

Draped Shiny Lambskin & Gold-Tone Metal

Red is one of the most fashionable colors for this autumn-winter, a tone that expresses strength and security and that is softened by warm beige tones. The caravatta gives an extra touch of style to make the outfit even more original.


Outfit with warm shades of cream and pink giving femininity and sweetness. The black tie breaks this chain creating a contrast between sweetness and feminine power.


Women’s Ties




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