MANGO supports breast cancer research with a collection.


MANGO supports breast cancer research with a collection.

Mango creates a collection that supports breast cancer research.

Mango, one of the leading groups in Europe in the fashion sector, and FERO Foundation, the reference organization in cancer research, have joined forces this year in the fight against breast cancer.

For the sixth consecutive year, in October, the month of prevention and the International Day Against Breast Cancer, the company launches a collection of garments whose proceeds will be donated entirely to the foundation engaged in research on this disease.

This year’s collection is designed specifically for women who have necessarily had to undergo a mastectomy. It consists of two bras validated by experts, particularly soft and with front opening, a comfortable jacket and pants in soft fabric, a T-shirt, and a tote bag combined with slippers that every woman can wear. The collection is available online and in a wide selection of stores in Germany, Spain, USA, France, Greece and Italy.

With the aim of normalizing the reality of the disease and giving visibility and support to the hundreds of women who face a mastectomy every day, two women shared with Mango their personal experiences:

Marie Ryckebusch, 47 years, underwent breast reconstruction after mastectomy, a physically and psychologically complicated process after the disease.

She wants “this campaign to give strength and hope to the women who live this experience and are thinking of giving up. I want them to see a different picture of life after cancer. She can be beautiful and full of good things” and asks to “democratize clothes for mastectomized women”. We want them to be soft, comfortable, feminine and sexy. It is important to feel beautiful, even with or without one breast”.

Lucía Vioque was diagnosed when he was only 27 years old and now he is 30, he underwent a mastectomy without reconstruction and is still being treated.

With this collaboration Lucía wants to break a myth: “Cancer knows no age”. It was important for her to be an example to the other girls in her situation: “When you receive a diagnosis you look for a reference point to feel represented, whether you have a breast or not, to be able to say: I also want to achieve this goal, I also want to be alive. And to achieve this, the key to the fight against breast cancer is the existence of associations such as the FERO Foundation. We do not want to continue saying goodbye to so many friends. Only research saves us”.

The collaboration between Mango and the FERO Foundation dates back to 2008, when sisters Penélope and Mónica Cruz designed a shirt with the fashion company to help fight breast cancer, and since 2017, the two companies have been collaborating by launching an annual collection to raise funds for breast cancer research. In total, since the collaboration began, Mango has managed to raise more than one million euros, which were allocated to the fight against this disease.



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