FENDI adopt a school!


FENDI adopt a school!

Fendi adopts the Primo Levi Comprehensive Institute and gives the opportunity to 12 students to learn the specific knowledge of knitwear.

Fendi participates in the project adopts a school and announces its collaboration with the Primo Levi Comprehensive Institute.


The training program was designed by Altagamma to promote technical-professional professions in collaboration with the Ministry of Instruction and provides for the adoption of one of the best Italian technical and vocational secondary education institutions. Fendi announces the start of professional training courses in the knitwear sector, supported by Maglificio Matisse, with the aim of training a new generation of skilled craftsmen who know how to pass on the tradition of hand-made work with precision and creativity.


The courses are part of the collaboration with IME, the Institute of Crafts of Excellence LVMH present in Italy since 2017, involved in the creation of numerous projects dedicated to the transmission of know-howhow and training in the field of craftsmanship and sales in the world of luxury in many Italian regions. In addition to France and Italy, the program is present in Switzerland, Spain and Japan, with the aim of transmitting the values of craftsmanship, creativity, and retail métiers to new generations. IME programs are free, focused on practical experience and open to students of different ages and qualifications. At the end of the studies, the IME LVMH Certificate of Excellence is awarded to students who have demonstrated excellent know-how, behaviour and professionalism.


The new path with the Primo Levi Institute will be reserved for 12 students who for a period of two years, specifically the fourth and fifth year, learn the knowledge and techniques necessary to become specialists in the creation of knitwear and at the end of which they will receive a multifunctional diploma for luxury knitwear. The course focuses on the close collaboration between the company and the school at all stages of the process, from the drafting of the teaching plan to the delivery of teaching modules and will be divided between theoretical lessons, workshops, seminars, visits and internships in the company.

The study plan, developed by the Institute, Maglificio Matisse and FENDI, is designed to respond concretely to the real needs of a high-end company in the production of knitwear and includes ideation courses, design and industrialization of fashion products, materials technology and production and organizational processes, applied chemistry and materials refinement, economics and marketing of luxury companies. On behalf of Maglificio Matisse, the atelier dedicated to yarn processing will be made available.


In addition, the hours of PCTO (Paths For Transversal Skills and Guidance, already school/ work alternation) will be carried out at the production plant of Maglificio Matisse, where students will be guaranteed the necessary assistance and training for the successful completion of the curricular activities, giving students the opportunity to come into direct contact with a working reality and to attend the knitwear production department with a gradual entry.

To allow students a complete preparation, the Maglificio Matisse financed the cost related to textbooks, also providing some customized laboratory clothing, and committing to bear the cost of any experts from the productive world or professions.

“The collaborations with the Istituto Omnicomprensivo Primo Levi, the Istituto Ostilio Ricci and the Russell-Newton Institute, within the Altagamma project, represent a very important initiative for Fendi that continues to believe and support the transmission of know-howfaire from generation to generation. We want to promote and demonstrate to the new generations that the craft of craftsmanship in the luxury industry represents a real opportunity. The new FENDI Master Classes are a unique opportunity to train the artisans of the future”. Serge Brunschwig, CEO and President of FENDI.

The project Adopt a School is part of the various initiatives carried out by FENDI and aimed at the transmission of savoir-faire from one generation to another and bringing young people closer to crafts. A commitment that the Maison has supported for years and that has confirmed by signing the “WE for ME” pact, together with 75 other Maison of the LVMH Group, for the Métiers d’Excellence, underlining its commitment to the defense and promotion of these trades.

Once again FENDI focuses on the future, investing in young people and protecting their professional growth in the craft sector, keeping alive that ancient tradition of professionalism, quality, experimentation and culture that has always distinguished the Maison.


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