Christopher Esber’s SS24 collection connected with nature.

Australian designer, Christopher Esber has debuted his Spring Summer 2024 collection on schedule at Paris Fashion Week at Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine.


An encounter with materials and their interaction with the body. The innate, primal feelings of being enveloped by cloth. Fluid silhouettes are dissected, draped, and reconstructed. Feeling connected to nature.

Signature Esber hardware evolves into new metallic structures that support draping and construction to accentuate key features of the body, while classic silhouettes evolve as they dissect and reconstruct.

The palette conjures time weathered notes of stone and sand as a foundation, while butter yellow and pistachio appear as light reliefs and luscious red runs throughout. Ghost Chantilly lace floats with a silk double faced boucle that resembles terry cloth.

Diamond lace shimmers on the body, animating and accentuating movement with fringing. A series of seed-beaded textiles resembling carved stone surfacing are fluid to handle.


A sleeveless turtleneck features metal-backed faceted stones in a handwoven macrame; the couture construction taking days to create by hand.

A dress, top and skirt in translucent crushed pleats that resemble glacier-like texture are edged in alpaca fringing. Organza floats as a sheer layer over tailored pants and denim.


Hides of biomaterial leaves that grow freely on riverbanks and in tropical forests form tailored shapes. Leaves are laid individually and then connected to create a singular piece of fabric, appearing as tailored coats, skirts, cropped jackets and accenting strappy heels. A stone shaped sculptural leather bag relates us to the earth in hand.

Ties and leather bind across the chest. A rigid sheer textile features structural boning, subtly exaggerating a pointed bust; an accentuated point that features throughout the collection.

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