Roveda « M’Astri Nascenti – Lezioni d’Arte e Mestieri »

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Roveda « M’Astri Nascenti – Lezioni d’Arte e Mestieri »

Roveda « M’Astri Nascenti - Lezioni d’Arte e Mestieri » is a training program designed in two areas.

Roveda has recently inaugurated its internal training program for shoe manufacturing artisans at the Auditorium of the Milan Fair. Part of the Métiers d’art of Fashion since 2000, Roveda thus responds to the growing needs of attracting talent to support the growth of luxury fashion houses, while at the same time continuing its mission to perpetuate its savoir-faire.

Called « M’Astri Nascenti – Lezioni d’Arte e Mestieri », to give voice to both expert artisans and new hires, this ambitious training course aims to contribute to the circularity of savoir-faire, to stimulate new artisanal vocations, to improve the skills of the teams but also to raise awareness among artisans of the crucial role they play in the fashion ecosystem and in the history of craftsmanship.

« M’Astri Nascenti – Lezioni d’Arte e Mestieri » is a training program designed in two areas.

The first, still unpublished in Italy, focuses on the cultural dimension of luxury professions. As part of a partnership launched with the Polytechnic of Milan, Professor Alba Cappellieri, Head of Jewelry & Accessories, created a lesson for Roveda on the history of fashion and luxury craftsmanship, confirming the value and meaning of everyday gestures which have always created beauty and which characterize the world of luxury. The entire Roveda team, from managers to craftsmen, has just completed this training.

The second training area, more technical, designed together with the Arsutoria School of Milan, is divided into four modules, each dedicated to a specific know-how for the creation of a shoe (cutting, splicing, assembly, finishing). Roveda is also innovative with regards to the profile of the trainers: manufacturing artisans but also ex-employees who have the protection of ancient knowledge at heart. About thirty “teachers” and “masters” aged between 30 and 70, who have received specific training for teaching, will pass on to the new generations the fruit of their experience, the precision of a gesture to perform the pre -assembling a ballerina or assembling the heel of a boot, how to appreciate the hand of the various types of leather or the careful work behind a rounded shape or a seam.

Thanks to this absolutely new training, the content and duration of which will be based on the profiles to be trained, Roveda will train future talents who will join the 400 artisans of his factory located in Parabiago, a few dozen kilometers from Milan. It is here that the shoes of the great luxury houses, including several iconic CHANEL models, have been handcrafted since 1955. And it is always here that Roveda gives life to its historical savoir-faire, also developing that of the future thanks to its laboratory dedicated to innovation and constant development.

ph credit: Alix Marnat

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