JW Anderson | SS24


JW Anderson | SS24

JW Anderson's SS24 collection is a hymn to complex simplicity, where practicality meets the impetus of play

Putting playfulness into pragmatism
And pragmatism in playfulness.
Clothes intended to be used, abused, exploited, used as games.
Everyday life and daily living out there.
Proportions that shrink, curve, tilt, expand.
Clarity and determination, with a touch of craftsmanship.
The hoodie, the perfecto, the bomber, the blazer; the trousers, the cargo ones, the shorts; the minidress, the dress.
Padded, knotted, exploded;
crochet, patterned, draped.
A sense of simplicity that is not so simple.
Of practicality with the impetus of the game.



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