MARNI’s first time in Paris


MARNI’s first time in Paris

MARNI announces its presence at the upcoming Paris Fashion Week, presenting the co-ed Spring/Summer 2024 VOL.2 collection on 27 September at 1.30pm.

The event is part of the itinerary of traveling shows that led the brand to show first in New York in 2022 and then in Tokyo, in February 2023. The MARNI fashion show, the first ever in the French capital, reinforces the brand’s desire to continue to amplify dialogues and creative connections with its growing community, meeting customers and friends in the cultural heart of Europe.

‘Marni’s journey continues…a drift that saw us cross the Manhattan Bridge last fall, and set up a paper arena in Japan in February; a drift that, in fact, began in 2020 when, unable to leave the house, we left behind the way we used to conceive fashion shows. These departures never predicted a destination, so while this season feels like a comeback, it doesn’t take us back to where we started. Instead, it takes us to a city suited to flâneurs like us. A city where I forgot I fell in love for the first time and, getting lost, I discovered how to search. A place: the home of a devoted witness of this ephemeral architecture of true illusion, which is fashion.’

Francesco Risso, Creative Director


The MARNI Spring/Summer 2024 Vol.2 collection will be unveiled in a historic residence located in the city centre, at 51 Rue de l’Université, once the private residence of Karl Lagerfeld.

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