The Italian summer by Louis Vuitton

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The Italian summer by Louis Vuitton

A renewed look for the historic shops of Capri, Portofino and Forte dei Marmi celebrated by a limited edition Neverfull bag and tailor-made travel guides.

Louis Vuitton, which has always been synonymous with travel, invites you to discover the most prestigious Italian holiday destinations: Portofino, Capri and Forte dei Marmi.

The adventure starts from Portofino, where the Maison doubles its presence in the heart of Liguria. With two new spaces, each dedicated to the women’s and men’s collections, the Maison opens the summer with a breath of fresh air. The women’s line is housed in a splendid new place originally dedicated to art overlooking the historic square, while the shop dedicated to the men’s collections is being expanded at the original address Molo Umberto I. Both pay homage to materials of local origin and are decorated with the traditional Ligurian pottery.

Capri also inaugurates the summer with a new store dedicated exclusively to women’s collections in via Camerelle, a few steps from the store dedicated to the men’s line. The textures and choice of materials echo the aesthetics of the area: terracotta floors, rope and macramé details create an intimate atmosphere, while a wonderful bas-relief work stands out on the main wall with a motif that recalls the luxuriant flora of Capri. Perfect for a break from the liveliness of the blue island, a perfectly furnished garden with vintage seating and the Maison’s splendid Objets Nomades is ready to welcome visitors: a fresh corner of paradise in the center of the island

Louis Vuitton’s journey to Italy continues in Forte dei Marmi, which in addition to the shop located in the city center, moves to the coast at Lido Alpemare, completely personalized with the watercolor mosaic motif. Curtains, cushions, deck chairs, cabins and even the skate, the symbol par excellence of summer in Versilia, are dyed with the pattern reserved exclusively for resort destinations.

As per tradition, the Maison celebrates summer and the reopening of its resorts in the most beautiful Italian holiday destinations with a new and exclusive limited edition of the famous Neverfull bag.

This practical shopping bag, ultra-light and ultra-capacious, is the perfect companion for holidays. To confirm its vocation as a travel bag, the Neverfull can in fact be easily folded in such a way as to be placed on the bottom of the suitcase. A refined blend of elegance and practicality, which in the limited edition for 2023 presents the Maison’s classic Monogram motif in shades of blue with a watercolor effect on a discreet cream-colored canvas. The leather details, thin handles and drawstring, are embellished by the seasonal theme in shades of blue. Each bag is decorated with the names of the most glamorous Italian destinations, Capri, Portofino, Portocervo and Forte dei Marmi.

For the first time, a splendid mosaic-themed fan and an exclusive soft cotton towel are combined with the bag, to always carry with you on hot summer days. The four exclusive versions for Italy will be on sale only in the shops of the respective Louis Vuitton resorts.

Not only limited editions, but also a new collection composed of classic creations and new silhouettes that capture the light and fresh spirit of dressing and living one’s destination. The LV By The Pool collection includes a comfortable wardrobe perfect for the beach and the city, involving all Louis Vuitton métiers: clothing, bags and accessories, silk creations, shoes, sunglasses and jewellery, designed for destinations near and far.

An exclusive collection of guides invites you to discover unexpected places and unmissable destinations in the holiday resorts of Capri and Portofino. Special editions signed by Louis Vuitton, unique in their kind, represent the fusion of the editorial universes dedicated to the journey of the Maison. In fact, the edition looks like a casket, blue for Capri and bright pink for Portofino, which collects ten wonderful postcards illustrated with the works signed respectively by Charline Collette and Aline Zalko. In the edition, as in the most classic of the City Guides, there is no shortage of addresses not to be missed, collected in the main categories including bars, hotels, restaurants and places of interest.

Finally, to better prepare for the trip, hidden among the postcards, the “tips” are collected, ad hoc suggestions on which music to listen to, films to see and a list of “must” to take away with you. The special edition is available in a set consisting of 8 guides dedicated to the most beautiful marine destinations in the world.

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