Interview with designer Marta Oriani

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Interview with designer Marta Oriani

Quality, excellence and a touch of tradition inform each signature collection - all done alla Milanese -with a subtle nod to the energy and luminous beauty of founder Marta Oriani's home city - Milano.

Almarow is an exquisite fashion jewellery line that celebrates Italian craftsmanship, uniquely selected materials and impeccable finishes. Alma – meaning soul – leads each piece to resonate and illuminate soulfully with the wearer’s identity. Quality, excellence and a touch of tradition inform each signature collection – all done alla Milanese -with a subtle nod to the energy and luminous beauty of founder Marta Oriani’s home city – Milano.

“La Reine” collection features a selection of earrings and you also created custom earrings for Beyonce and her tour. 
Luminosity is the main feature, just like the charming American star. How did the creating process start? Were these earrings principally inspired by Beyoncé’s outfits?

My team was blessed to create custom couture pieces for Beyoncé’s tour that are entirely exclusive for her as they are made in a couture fashion in Italy. During the process we worked closely with her team and our master craftsman to do something really luminous, powerful, iconic and unique. My new collection is named La Reine – The Queen –  as I have always felt that my jewelry mission is about bringing out your inner queen – one of my first chokers, the Anastasia, is named after a queen and I often reference regal jewelry from the past but in a modern and cool way. To me Beyoncé has always been a huge inspiration and icon – the example of a woman who is her the embodiment of her inner Queen – and I am so honoured that our regal inspired crystal jewelry were chosen to reflect her unquestionable stellar presence during this historic tour that is so filled with her light, movement, inspiration, energy and beauty. Our jewelry needs to always reflect the innate power and beauty of the wearer, to move with them and frame their features, and empower them to be themselves- and I hope Beyoncé’s pieces have done just that, as I hope our collections do for all of our wearers.

Your chokers are unisex – who would you like to see wearing them? 
I love everyone wearing my chokers – men women, non-binary, old and young. I especially love when I see them wear the same piece in different ways. It’s my greatest joy. 

What piece was the most difficult to design? Why?
Sometimes it’s a challenge to create really arresting pieces which I have conceived in an affordable way as I always want my jewelry to be accessible but I also want to set it apart with our creativity and elegance. I actually love designing every type of jewelry and my only problem is I can’t create everything I have in mind!

Sustainability is an important feature that adds more value to the product. When choosing a material to design, do you also consider its impact to the environment?
I started the brand with this in mind. My crystals do not involve harmful mining processes and as a small business we keep small batch productions and work with artisans. I also design with the expectation that my pieces will last for years to come, if we can slow down consumption and use things more it will help the environment and keep my artisans in work, as people will come back for more pieces which last. One of the greatest things about jewelry is that you can use old clothes and update your looks by playing with jewelry! My chokers can be layered or worn as necklaces, bracelets, headbands, anklets: versatility is key to wearability and sustainability. This is the path and commitment for Almarow: slow fashion jewelry that doesn’t compromise on style, and elevating your look.

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