Lenny Kravitz | the new Jaeger-Lecoultre global ambassador


Lenny Kravitz | the new Jaeger-Lecoultre global ambassador

Jaeger-LeCoultre presents the new Maison Ambassador Lenny Kravitz. The artist is the archetype of the modern man.

A related soul in style and creativity

Jaeger-LeCoultre is pleased to present the new Maison Ambassador Lenny Kravitz. Among the most beloved contemporary rock musicians, the singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, designer and photographer is the archetype of the modern man.

From the beginning of his career, Lenny Kravitz has defied conventions, always following his own path and his own artistic vision steadfastly. The collaboration with the Maison was natural, given the strong parallelism between its creative philosophy and that of Jaeger-LeCoultre: “For creative personalities like me, it is essential to find one’s voice, to know what one represents and to be faithful to one’s vision, while always remaining open to new horizons of thought”, says the artist”.

Passionate about watches since he was a child, when he was conquered by the fascination of his father’s chronographs, Lenny declares: “I feel very close to Jaeger-LeCoultre. The way it manages to combine such a high level of craftsmanship, design and functionality in its watches really impresses me deeply.”

“With his skill, his inventiveness and his ability to transcend genres, Lenny embodies the values and style of Jaeger-LeCoultre,” explains Catherine Rénier, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre. “We are delighted that you represent our House.”

One of Lenny’s favorite timepieces is the Reverso, which he paired with a black silk jumpsuit and a set of jewelery as he performed at the Oscar 2023. An unmistakable design icon, the Reverso is the ideal choice for a man whose innate sense of style was recognized last year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) with the “Fashion Icon” award. Combining 1970s bohemian influences, rock classics and avant-garde stylistic statements, Lenny’s carefree elegance makes even his boldest looks timeless and effortless.

“Besides functionality, style is important in a watch – the way it looks and fits on the wrist. “It is essential to create a real bond with the watch,” he adds. “I have a feeling that the Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been on my wrist: they blend with me and their style is decidedly timeless. You can really make them your own by adapting them to your mood and preferences, and always obtaining a new creation. The feeling is that they become one with who wears them.”

Lenny’s music has always blended rock, blues, funk and soul inspirations, which interpenetrate in a unique and constantly evolving musical style, a reflection of his distinctive and independent personality. His renowned designer work is bold and timeless but with a modern edge. Just like Jaeger-LeCoultre, all of Lenny’s creative endeavors are characterized by a spirit of curiosity and constant exploration. The artist manages to mix a myriad of different influences and inspirations with innovative ideas, in order to make each new creation modern, electrifying and unmistakably his own.

Together with Anya Taylor-Joy, Female Ambassador of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lenny recently finished shooting the new campaign of the Maison, which will be released in May.



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