ESSĒN The Label: ‘Transparency is the new luxury’


ESSĒN The Label: ‘Transparency is the new luxury’

ESSĒN The Label announces a collaboration with Renoon ahead of Earth Day to make their transparency and traceability efforts more accessible

ESSĒN The Label goes one step further in their transparency and traceability efforts by collaborating with sustainability platform Renoon for their DTC website. Launching the ‘Transparency is the new luxury’ initiative with their best selling style the Foundation Flat on Thursday 20th April. Before progressively rolling the famed Renoon widget out across the rest of the business in May 2023. For ESSĒN The Label ‘Transparency is the new luxury’, and believes that together, the fashion industry can clear the smokescreen of greenwashing and start the heavy lifting of making it more sustainable. With this goal in mind, the brand introduced block chain technology into their manufacturing and distribution processes over two years ago in order to provide consumers with the ability to trace the complete product journey through each stage of the supply chain via a QR code on each shoe box.

Now, in collaboration with Renoon, ESSĒN The Label will take it one step further by giving consumers complete visibility on the impact of each of their products through verifiable data via the customized widget on their website. The Foundation Flat, the brand’s best selling shoe, will be the first style to embrace this technology, which will be progressively integrated across the rest of their collection. To Muijs, sustainability is an evolving goal and definition, therefore, the priority is to be honest about where the brand is in its journey. Renoon’s technology also helps ESSĒN The Label identify where the brand can make a greater impact and understand which areas need improvement.

Marre Muijs, Founder and Creative Director of ESSĒN The Label comments ‘’a luxury product can only be considered luxury if made in ethical working conditions and using certified materials. The most valuable resources are people and the planet and there is a moral duty to protect them throughout abrand’s entire manufacturing process. In order to do so, we must be accountable and use simple but effective parameters to measure the impact of our products so consumers know what they are buying from the offset.’’

Aware of the footprint that everything produced has on the planet, Muijs describes ESSĒN The Label as a responsible brand instead of sustainable. Shoes are an everyday necessity, but the brand believes that fashion can also be a force for good, and a vehicle for change when transparency and collaboration is at the core.

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