PIAGET | Last chapter of the Solstice collection


PIAGET | Last chapter of the Solstice collection

Asymmetrical and harmonious, its creations are a perfect blend of technicity and creativity.

As the special solstice night unfolds and the early moments of trepidation turn into long hours of shared joy, dancing and cheering, the belief that this night will last forever starts spreading across the vibrant mass. Silhouettes are spinning a blazing effervescence bubbles through the crowd. The Piaget Society lets itself run free and wild, bathed in light euphoria. The everlasting beauty that the Solstice collection’s new chapter captures ismade to travel through time and space and designed to inspire awe.

Asymmetrical and harmonious, its creations are a perfect blend of technicity and creativity. The marquise-cut diamonds remind the unexpectable movements of a fluid Haute-Couture gown. The articulated designs of the watches and necklaces pay tribute to Piaget’s playfulness and attention to movement and fluidity.

These creations play with volume to achieve a pure light extravaganza while their radiance reveal itself through different angles and multiple shapes. Designed for greater fluidity and utmost comfort, the articulated Exalting Dance necklace is arranged around a pair of intense blue aquamarines and a twirling diamond volute offering a spectacular glow.


Versatility also shines through the diamond earrings of the Exalting Dance set, that combine ultimate elegance with daring extravagance. As simple it is to use as it is intricate to design, a unique system allows them to be worn in an audacious or in a timeless way. Adorned with brilliant, marquise and baguette-cut diamonds, these earrings are the purest expression of Piaget’s purpose: putting mastery and attention to detail at the service of a festive work of art, ultimately designed to become one with the ear.

Piaget’s gemology team dedicated months of research to craft the Blazing Swing and Everlasting Night watches using diamonds contrasting with red rubies, blue sapphires or emeralds while their respective snow-set and black opal dials display a spectacular sparkle.

As the last chapter of the Solstice collection, let the energy of this solstice be ours… forever!

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