THEMOIRè - known for its ethical commitment and finalist at the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022 -, presents its SS 23 Collection

The accessories brand for the new collection is inspired by marine biodiversity. With the SS 23 three new models make their debut, which owe their names respectively to the goddesses of wildlife, spring and the daughter of Gaea and Uranus.

FERONIA is the new cross-body bag that incorporates the folds and softness of Aria while CLORI is presented as a rigid top handle with a handle with essential lines in the shapes of Bios and Gea. Even the new entry TIA, a medium-sized pouch, refers directly to the must-haves Bios and Gea placing itself by size between the two.

The search for new materials remains at the center of the project, built on values ​​of social responsibility, but above all environmental. These include:

  • recycled cotton, produced from pre-consumer cotton and textile waste from the production of excess clothing.
  •  recycled nylon, generated with reconverted and animal-free polyester, is produced with a 32% decrease in energy consumption and a 59% decrease in CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester
  •  apple fabric, an eco-friendly material obtained through the recovery of waste from the apple processing industry
  • among the accessories, wooden beads, in polypropylene and wood fibers, alternate with recyclable aluminum, composing chains and shoulder straps with a sophisticated design.

The intertwining, which symbolizes the interdependence of increasingly fragile ecosystems, also plays an essential role within this collection. The textures of the new bags, naturally moved, refer to corals and marine fauna. Among these stand out the sea sponge, a metallic crackle and a fish scales effect. The palette is made up of a mix of bright colors to which all the nuances that characterize the seabed are added. The printed canvas recalls the discrepancies of the backgrounds, the degraded shades of the water and the chains the complex architectures of coral reefs.

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