Givenchy opens a boutique in Soho


Givenchy opens a boutique in Soho

Located at 94 Greene Street in the heart of Soho, the approximately 325m2 boutique is the brand's sixth independent boutique in America.

Maison Givenchy opens a boutique in Soho, the brand’s first downtown location. Located at 94 Greene Street in the heart of Soho, the approximately 325m2 boutique is the brand’s sixth independent boutique in America.

On this milestone, Givenchy CEO Renaud de Lesquen says, “We are thrilled to open our new Greene Street store, Manhattan’s second boutique. A key luxury destination, SoHo’s vibrant commercial district will give us the opportunity to serve our growing customer base. This opening represents a new chapter for Givenchy as we continue to grow our business in the US and internationally. “


The store will have the full range of the brand’s ready-to-wear collections and accessories for men and women and will debut with exclusive capsules and made-to-order programs. The boutique will open with Givenchy’s Fall 2022 pre-collection and an assortment of products including Matthew M. Williams elegant tailoring, stunning denim and other summer wardrobe items. The season’s signature accessories include the new TK-360, an innovative sneaker that expresses Matthew’s dynamic vision for the brand, and other iconic accessories such as the Antigona, 4G and Kenny bags, each with the house’s emblematic 4G hardware. , which also appears on key design elements throughout the boutique.

This location will be the first in the United States to showcase the brand’s latest retail concept: a design that uses contrasting tones and materials, mixing sharp and soft, matte and rough, industrial and natural. Everything from the store facade to the interiors speaks of a stone-gray palette, alluding to the light gray and soft stone color of Soho’s streets and the neighborhood’s historic buildings.

The two-level boutique will feature a ground floor dedicated mainly to accessories. Upon entering, guests are greeted by women’s and men’s bags, followed by shoes. A lilac box, referencing the Madison Avenue brand’s concept store on 59th Street, will house a selection of accessories and provide a pop of color in what is otherwise a space defined by neutral, natural tones and textures. The prêt-à-porter will occupy the salon at the back of the space and will pass, via the stairwell, to the prêt-à-porter on the lower level and to the denim. A dramatic skylight doubles the height of the ceiling and amplifies the entire space with natural light.

Throughout the space are sculptures conceived in collaboration with British artist Ewan McFarlane. Positioned as standalone works of art in a gallery, these mannequins appear in striking poses and positions. The use of a more conceptual display for the product speaks of an ongoing desire to blend storytelling between the world of art and that of fashion.

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