Luisa Beccaria | re-opening Boutique a Capri

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Luisa Beccaria | re-opening Boutique a Capri

A precious treasure chest in the famous Piazzetta where fashion, lifestyle and new beachwear meet designer jewelery

In the famous Piazzetta, lounge of the international jet set, between lemons and light-colored pebbles, the Luisa Beccaria boutique is located in Capri, which will reopen this year for the second consecutive season.

Inside, of course, the haute couture collection, prêt-à-porter SS 22 and the new beachwear inspired by a mythical and ancestral Capri (the island was the exceptional set of the digital fashion show last September and the shots of season), accessories, the home collection and an editing of the bride collection.

The brand’s signature dresses and accessories, daily to night, in twilight colors alternate with the beachwear collection, through small coordinated pieces in floral prints: one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, tailored hot pants, bustiers and sundresses in cool bicolor sangallo (finished with lace and ajour stitch in shades of coral or light blue), combined with wide-brimmed hats in fabric with coordinated prints.

The Maison, which has conquered one of the oldest locations on the island previously occupied by a historic jewelry store, has chosen to revive the magical atmosphere of this space by hosting a series of happenings related to the world of designer jewelery and craftsmanship.

The first will take place from 3 until the end of June and will host the Loulou de la Falaise Jewelery collection, signed by the inspiring muse of Yves Saint Laurent. Semi-precious stones in muted colors that reflect those of the dresses for a dreamy and sophisticated look.

The boutique, a precious treasure chest that opens to the outside with its five windows, fully reflecting the unmistakable style and lifestyle of Luisa Beccaria, will be open from May to the end of October.

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