BURBERRY TB Summer Monogram

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BURBERRY TB Summer Monogram

A mixture of tradition and modernity. A union of icons, focused on the future.

Burberry unveils the next evolution of the TB Summer Monogram, created by Riccardo Tisci, through a new campaign starring the enigmatic Gisele Bündchen, which celebrates the duality code of the brand.

The TB Summer Monogram campaign blends past and present to create a collision of iconicity, reflected in the prints. In the photos taken by Luigi & Iango, the iconic Gisele Bündchen adopts a casual stance in front of unpublished portraits captured ten years earlier. A relaxed pose affirms her inner confidence: a candid interpretation of beauty, exemplified through the collection.

“I was so happy to see Riccardo again after such a long time and shooting with my sweet friends Luigi & Iango is always a blast. It was so special to spend time with everyone, we had so much fun on set. ” Gisele Bundchen


To bring this campaign to life, Riccardo worked with an iconic creative team, including photographers Luigi & Iango, stylist Suzanne Koller and makeup artist Georgi Sandev.

The collection combines two of Burberry’s icons to create a bold print that symbolizes a synergy between past and present. The classic check blends with the TB Monogram, a motif introduced by Riccardo Tisci. The collection for men and women includes a range of pieces including gabardine trench coats, silk blend bomber jackets, silk dresses, cotton shirts, swimwear and sunglasses.

A mixture of tradition and modernity. A union of icons, focused on the future.

The new TB Summer Monogram collection can be purchased online and in selected Burberry stores.



“We have both known Riccardo since the beginning of his career, when he lived in Milan. A very precious, long and unique friendship that we can call family. We have created an exciting collaboration that has always been explored in an artisanal, passionate and sincere way. In all these years we have always created magical and timeless moments together. Working with Riccardo is always a great challenge that allows us to explore new and great paths. It is a real exchange of ideas and beautiful energies. Creating images and videos for a brand as big as Burberry, which represents absolute classicism and impeccable British elegance for us, was truly an honor. Above all, being able to create a campaign full of positive energy in an extremely minimal and modern way, with Gisele Bündchen as our muse. We were very lucky; she conveyed with her kindness, grace and extraordinary energy in a very contemporary and fresh way. We are very proud of this campaign that embodies all the codes that touch us most: LIGHT, LOVE and PERFECT HARMONY between four friends and artists who truly appreciate and love each other. Working with the family is always the key to success, because we all speak the same language and we want to achieve the best “. LUIGI & IANGO, PHOTOGRAPHERS


“The Burberry TB Summer Monogram campaign was such a special project from start to finish. This is a spectacular combination of the creative genius and talent of Riccardo Tisci and the extraordinary supermodel Gisele Bündchen, captured through the lens of Luigi & Iango. Helping this campaign come to life was a really exciting time for me as a makeup artist. Riccardo Tisci has always been an inspiration and working with him really made me understand why he is one of the most gifted designers of our time.

When I think of classic and legendary brands, Burberry is the first that comes to mind. When I think of classic and legendary models, Gisele tops the list. So seeing this collaboration between Gisele and Burberry is iconic. Being part of it is incredible. Chic, timeless and always trendy: this is what I try to reflect also through my work “. GEORGI SANDEV, MAKEUP


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