Burberry Autumn/Winter 2022


Burberry Autumn/Winter 2022

Burberry unveiled its Fall / Winter 2022 collection at an event that marked the first live show in two years.

“It was important for me to explore the meaning of belonging, how our roots influence our identity and how the power of community and unity is what truly gives meaning to the world. Therefore, I wanted this collection to convey the intensity of those feelings and celebrate not only the meeting, but the city we are in today; the city where Burberry grew up and started a family. For me London is a place of dreams, a capital built on its heritage and unified by its diverse community and the spirit of going beyond borders – of pursuing unlimited potential. The collection embodies an intangible essence that is Britishness, a unique fusion that honors the beauty of the past while remaining focused on the future with gratitude, hope and love ”. Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director

Celebrating British culture, the show explores the multiple perspectives and dualities that make up its identity. In contrast between city and countryside, glitz and punk, he explores the concept of Britishness not only as an idea, but as an attitude: forward-looking, adventurous, embracing potential. Inspired by London, the brand’s creative and spiritual home for over 130 years, the show captures a British essence that Burberry continues to embody. A family to which the brand belongs. Building on the brand’s rich history and codes, the collection offers a playful twist to tradition, a reconstruction of heritage.

Contrasting elements of royalty with subcultural influences, classic British conventions and signature codes of the brand are explored in new iterations, fabrications and silhouettes. Filled with autumn hues littered with sparkling crystals inspired by evenings in the British countryside, the collections highlight revised icons from the archive Burberry, including the Equestrian Knight Design and Oak Leaf Crest, plus a groundbreaking take on the classic trench.

Presented in the heart of the city at Central Hall Westminster, the collection was unveiled in a vast theater, featuring one historic domed ceiling and a large organ as a backdrop. Upholstered in Burberry’s signature brown shade, the floor of the Great Hall has been transformed into a resplendent private dining room. Started in the dark, the show opened with the models descending the stairs and meandering through the audience and on the illuminated tables. Accompanied by a live performance by the London Contemporary Orchestra of Max Richter and Michael Nyman, the heart of the audience was reflected in the voices of a hundred-person choir.


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