All you have to know about N°1 DE CHANEL

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All you have to know about N°1 DE CHANEL

N ° 1 de CHANEL offers an innovative, holistic and eco-responsible approach to beauty, combining skincare creations, make-up and scented water.

From the beginning, CHANEL based its vision on a belief: the intelligence of nature is unsurpassed. This was what inspired a new generation of treatments focused on a return to the essential.

N ° 1 de CHANEL offers an innovative, holistic and eco-responsible approach to beauty, combining skincare creations, make-up and scented water. This new line with sensory textures, which preserves the splendor of youth by reactivating the sources of vitality, places camellia, the emblematic flower of Gabrielle Chanel, at the center of its innovative formulas.

Taking inspiration from nature is something that cannot be improvised. In these 100 years, starting with the creation of N ° 5, the CHANEL Maison has built a unique expertise in the field of flower cultivation, essential raw materials for its fragrances.

Authentic cradles of CHANEL Skincare, the open-air workshops are the result of an exemplary approach on an environmental and territorial scale that enhances each territory, through a virtuous agro-ecological approach that uses innovative farming practices. According to these same criteria, since 1998 CHANEL has been conducting an exceptional project in Gaujacq, in the south-west of France, centered on camellia, the emblematic flower of Mademoiselle Chanel.

Dedicated to the conservation of plants, the garden has 2,000 varieties of camellias collected from all over the world, including two mother plants of Camellia japonica “Alba Plena”, which ten years ago were the starting point for the start of CHANEL’s crops , and more recently to the farm dedicated to camellias, located near this exceptional garden. The farm also houses a phyto-analysis laboratory, which allows maximum proximity to the plants to observe them in their natural environment, study them, analyze them and identify the most promising ones, as well as a pre-transformation center, which prepares the flowers immediately afterwards. the collection for the extraction of active molecules. In the open-air laboratory of Gaujacq, camellias are grown in the open ground, according to rigorous and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, without the use of chemicals.


It is this unique expertise that led CHANEL Research to highlight the remarkable activity of an extract from the red camellia flower, the “Czar” variety of Camellia japonica, so named at the beginning of the twentieth century in homage to its majestic beauty. Odorless and very delicate, this flower is a force of nature: neither water nor cold compromise its petals in the least. With its winter flowering and evergreen foliage, this camellia variety is a unique plant in many ways, a true botanical treasure. The “Czar” variety Camellia japonica is not a flower like the others: protocatechic acid is concentrated in the heart of its petals, an active molecule never observed before in the camellias analyzed by CHANEL scientists, able to protect cellular vitality by intervening in first stage of skin aging.

Nature influences us and in turn we have an influence on it for which we are responsible. For several years, the CHANEL Maison has been integrating environmental assessment criteria into the creation of its products, in order to limit their impact, at all stages of the life cycle. One of CHANEL’s priorities is to develop formulas with a high percentage of environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced raw materials. All packages in the CHANEL N ° 1 line are ecologically designed.

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