Giorgio Armani |10 Corso Como


Giorgio Armani |10 Corso Como

Giorgio Armani presents an exclusive preview of the Giorgio Armani collection - 10 Corso Como.

Synthesis of an unmistakable style, in iconic black and white, the unprecedented collaboration with 10 Corso Como creates a timeless collection, composed of the coherent and constantly renewed lexicon of the Armanian tale.

Blazers with exact lines, single or double-breasted, long coats and cabans, flowing trousers, soft pullovers, accessorized with low lace-ups or décolletés, and two bags, one large and enveloping and La Prima in its classic version. The juxtaposition of masculine and feminine is resolved in a light and incisive sign and the choice of black and white gives a graphic vision, underlined by the motifs of the jacquard lines.

The materials are natural and precious: wools, silks, velvets, cashmere and a sweatshirt that plays ironically with the stylized face of Giorgio Armani.

The collection, with dedicated packaging, is available at 10 Corso Como in Milan and online, and later also in the Giorgio Armani stores in Milan, New York Madison Avenue, Tokyo Ginza Tower and Shanghai.

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