ISSEY MIYAKE lauches the Wool Shell Knit

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ISSEY MIYAKE lauches the Wool Shell Knit

The WOOL SHELL KNIT special series takes inspiration from the small shells found on the beach.

Look at them
Like a group of shells
Gently aligned.

Touch them
And feel the soft texture of the jersey,
Opening and closing them,
Going up and down with your fingers.
Wear them
As if you were wrapped in shells
Seeing them come to life with every movement.

The ISSEY MIYAKE AUTUMN WINTER 2021/22 collection entitled “As the Way It Comes to Be” is inspired by the colors and shapes of nature and translates them onto a rectangular piece of fabric, creating a sense of organic strength and beauty.

The WOOL SHELL KNIT special series takes inspiration from the small shells found on the beach. The original texture composed of three-dimensional swirls when it expands creates a checked pattern, obtained thanks to a knitting technique called links stitch. Each square opens recalling many small aligned shells and is knitted with a yarn obtained from the combination of extra fine wool and nylon fibers, for greater lightness and elasticity. When worn, the swirls of the fabric expand into soft shapes, creating delicate plays of shadows in the weave. A fun proposal that changes shape and character when worn. The softness of the knit and the liveliness of this series were captured and represented by Mr. Tomohiro Okazaki in a stop motion video.

“To create the animation of the video, I considered the elements of movement in the composition and structure of the WOOL SHELL KNIT series. It begins with the detail of the vortex structure of the garments, which recalls the shape of shells. Then the garments begin to move following their own structure, allowing the viewer to grasp their design and texture. “

“I think clothing is something that can connect people’s bodies and feelings with objects. Clothing design is a creative process that deals with people’s lives, feelings and bodies. Towards the middle of the video the dresses and the models begin to move like figures out of a picture book, as if both could feel the joy. I designed the video in this way because I wanted to be able to represent the feelings and sensations that derive from the relationship between clothes and people, going beyond seeing something with your own eyes only. I wanted people to feel different emotions watching the video and I tried to capture the complexity of ISSEY MIYAKE’s design and the joy of wearing her clothes at the same time. “

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