Burberry Iconic Outerwear


Burberry Iconic Outerwear

Burberry unveils its campaign that celebrates the iconic outerwear, a pillar of the fashion house.

Burberry Iconic Outerwear

Inspired by Thomas Burberry’s invention of gabardine and the history brand’s link with the outdoors, Riccardo Tisci continues to continue this affinity with nature and exploration in every Burberry collection.

The campaign reveals the concept of freedom and exploration with photos taken by photographer Danko Steiner. Models Irina Shayk, Nic Minwoo, Miles Gardner and Niclas Baker soar on pedestals as dreamy dancers move weightlessly behind them, embracing the surroundings of the English countryside.

A light gabardine debuts, a new chapter for a revolutionary fabric. Made in the UK, gabardine is expertly woven in a compact twill with a light hand, allowing it to fit smoothly over comforters and duvets.

The duvets are designed using modern materials and techniques. Made of nylon resistant to wind and rain with models in cotton gabardine and with pockets in recycled nylon fabric to block the insulating fibers. Each element of the design is carefully calibrated to meet every need and with different levels of heat, protection and weight adjusted to allow maximum freedom outdoors.

The classic quilt thanks to the carefully selected weight and durability of the fabric allows for trans-seasonal layering. Renewed proportions, check details and contrasting finishes reinvigorate classic styles.


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