AVAV Firenze SS 2022 Collection: Big, Bold, Bright

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AVAV Firenze SS 2022 Collection: Big, Bold, Bright

Provocative accessories, colorful designs, weird looking shoes. For the first time, AVAVAV Firenze presents its Spring/Summer 2022 collection during fashion week.

By Alice Monorchio

Swedish-born but Florence-based AVAVAV, is a brand without too many pretensions. While certainly noisy, bold, and big, it also aims to make ready-to-wear fun by incorporating sustainability in its unusual accessories and designs – without necessarily trying too hard to show it.

The brand became famous for its weird-looking shoes, inspired by the old Margiela’s Tabi and mixing features of the legendary creature Big Foot. Through this provocative accessory, the brand is pushing versatile, sustainable, and fun ready to wear. Yes, sustainable clothing can also be fun.

The brand uses luxury wasted fabrics from deadstock locally sourced. Back in April 2021, it “stole” textiles from Fendi, Burberry and Jacquemus to produce their collection AVAVAV x F*ndi x B*rberry x J*qcuemus. The designs mixed the iconic brand logos and patterns that were described in the label (Fendi 20%, Burberry 20%, AVAVAV 100%.)
This year, AVAVAV made its debut during fashion week for its first time presenting its new Spring/Summer 2022 Collection. When putting together this collection, creative director Beate Karlsson was inspired by the underwater world, creating organic silhouettes in coral-like prints and fabrics.

“I wanted to create pieces that feel harmonic and mesmerizing for the viewer, with flowing shapes that behave in a similar, weightless/frictionless way as life underwater”, says Karlsson.

The sustainable fashion brand was initially producing outside the seasonal fashion cycle because it wanted to transmit a more lasting and regular concept of buying and selling clothing. However, trying to sell customers on this philosophy has proven to be difficult so AVAVAV has decided to join the system for this year to “[…] give [us] more creative freedom”, says a brand representative.

The new collection features two versions of big, rounded plantlike dresses reminiscing of algae, colorful prints and see-through shirts made with organza. Of course, the shoes are the famous “finger foot”. This time they almost look like duck feet – and will certainly elevate your Friday- night look.

Image Credits: Courtesy of AVAVAV Firenze


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