CHANEL vocabulary of style


CHANEL vocabulary of style

How to wear your CHANEL earrings? There is a vocabulary of style, with rules that are meant to be decoded.

CHANEL gives you the codes for choosing how to wear your necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings. Emphasis, repetition, accumulation, anaphora and assertion are all devices in a vocabulary of style that is inimitably French. A cuff to provide the perfect accent, mismatched earrings, stacking bracelets – there are so many ways of wearing them. CHANEL invites you to discover your own vocabulary of style.

An imposing piece of jewelry rather than a discreet one: Size matters. Impose excess.

The same creation, iterated again and again. Love withstands repetition, every day and in each instant.

Add, stack, collect, combine. Too much is never too much.

One way of wearing a style can conceal several others. Discover the power of metamorphosis and transform your jewelry without really changing it.

One piece and one only. To choose is to abandon; to abandon is to affirm.

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