JENNIE electrifies the campaign for the CHANEL Coco Neige

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JENNIE electrifies the campaign for the CHANEL Coco Neige

The duo Inez & Vinoodh has composed stylised shots against a black and grey background where the South Korean artist reveals herself to be a veritable fashion icon.

JENNIE electrifies the campaign for the CHANEL Coco Neige 2021/22 collection.

The campaign moves between sport and style with an agile grace. Essential winter sports pieces in technical materials appear from the outset: a jacket embellished with double Cs, trousers printed with the letters of CHANEL, an immaculate ski suit, a long pearl-grey down jacket with a removable hood and a parka with a masculine/feminine spirit.

The elegance and codes of the House subtly imbue each one of these photographs, from the two-tone to the camellias, which blossom on a black and white wool cardigan, worn open over a silk brassiere top.

The colour palette is lit up with pink, such as this cashmere brassiere top and trousers ensemble or this pink and red wool belted jacket over leggings where hints of pink illuminate the black. “I find it amazing to see how Virginie Viard brought elegance into ski wear,” says JENNIE. Accessories also play a key role. Small bags worn high on the arm and metal necklaces intertwined with leather, punctuated with a card holder or a headphone case, have been designed for unrestrained enjoyment on the slopes.

In each image, JENNIE embodies a different facet of the CHANEL spirit: irreverence, nonchalance, freedom of movement and elegance. As the muse herself resumes: “I think Virginie Viard creates for many different women and has a different story to every collection that she makes.”

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